My second blog!

Well, here is my second attempt at this “blogging” thing.  What shall I write about today?  Hmmmm…what’s on my mind?  I have been reading alot of inspirational type books lately.  Ya know, those books that teach you to deep breathe your way through stressful situations?  Yea, those.  I really love the idea of having a mind that is “tranquil”, just peaceful and loving all the time…doesn’t that sound wonderful?  I love all the inspirational quotes…and there are days when I read them, and I deep breathe, and I feel calm and loving…then some moron slams his brakes on out of nowhere and causes me to have to slam on mine and spill my coffee…and BOOM!!!  I am like something out of the Exorcist!  Nothing tranquil about that.  This happened just today, and I am still irritated about it.  Later though, I am gonna grab my Eckhart Tolle book and I will again find that peaceful and patient place in my mind.

Another thing on my mind as of  late.  Some people may take this wrong, and for that I apologize in advance.  This whole Haiti thing.  My God what a horrific tragedy!  I think it’s wonderful the USA is stepping in and helping this unfortunate country!  I really do!  But, I can not help but feel irritated by it at the same time.  We have people…ALOT of people, right here in America who are homeless, jobless, hungry, without medical care…and you can’t say “Well in America those people can get government assistance/shelters, blah blah”…this isn’t always the case.  The shelters are full, they are underfunded, understaffed.  The  food banks are running out of food, because there are too many working poor.  The homeless can’t get jobs, they have no address.  People are losing their homes.  Families are living in their cars, in tents.  I think its fine for America to help other countries…but we truly need to help OUR country first. 

One last thing on my mind today is the fact that I have been reading about how the newspaper industry is more than likely going to be obsolete within the next few years due to everyone getting their news off the internet.  This seems so sad to me!  I personally like to actually HOLD the newspaper and read it…section by section…it gives me some sort of satisfaction.  Although I must admit there are days when I do not read the paper, because I have basically either heard the news on tv or saw it on the web…but I still like the idea that it is there.  Same with landlines…everyone is going strictly cell these days.  I dunno, I still like the landline.  I think usually the line is clearer…maybe it’s just me.  CD’s…no one buys them anymore, everyone downloads music off of their computers.  Oh well, everything changes I guess.

I have decided to end each of my blogs with some type of inspirational message…so here is today’s:

“Somtimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing.”  TOLLE

Thank you for taking time to read my amateur blog!


2 thoughts on “My second blog!

  1. I’m sad about American’s who are homeless too. I’m glad Haiti is getting the help they need. And I agree, Americans need to be taken care of first. That’s why I say the Government should get off their collective big butts, and work together for once to solve the economic woes that plauge us all! I won’t go into more of that, because once I start, I won’t quit for hours lol. Newspapers… I will miss them. the smell of the ink, the feel, and the fact that I use them to start my fires in the firepit. I understand we are moving on with the world technologically, but we should keep some things going for posterity. Another great Blog post my friend!

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