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Beautiful Blogger Award!!!

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Katie Michele @ Connective Tissue Disorders: My Journey,  Connective Tissue Disorders: My Journey, for the nomination! I’m thrilled to get such an honour from such a talented young lady whose own writing is a complete inspiration to many.. I haven’t gotten to read everything, but I’ve read enough to know that she is indeed going to make her mark on this world of ours. Thank you so much for re-lighting my desire to write again!

The Rules for The Beautiful Blogger Award:

Write a little something about the Beautiful Blogger who nominated you with the award. See above. And don’t forget to go and check theirs out too.

Share 7 things about yourself:

1. I’ve spent the past six years of my life grieving for the person I used to be and or could have been…but I’m changing that grief into something positive…

2. I am a complete animal nut…especially dogs…but I also love cats, horses, bunnies, seals, monkeys and dolphins.

3. II worry waaay too much about everyone I love…especially my kids..

4. I love the color pink….

5. I collect angels.

6. I absolutely LOVE shopping….but I’m too poor to do it…except at the Dollar Store and Goodwill…and I’m okay with that! lol

7. I love reading and have enough books to start my own bookstore.

Nominate 7 other bloggers for the award:

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there….and I love reading about others who know what my life is like, living with the big pain monster every single day of my life, even though it saddens me that there are others who hurt like I do.But these 7 have really touched me in one way or another…I’m also trying to NOT nominate the ones who have already been nominated…but just know that there are many who have who I LOVE reading and who inspire me.

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Hibernationnow's Blog

I was watching “Good Morning America” the other day when a cancer patient met the person who gave her bone marrow to save her life. I have always wanted to sign up to volunteer to give my bone marrow for a very sick person but I never really knew how. I thought it was very expensive and incredibly painful; I was wrong.

I signed up this morning and I hope many more people will do the same. I’ve been an organ donor for years ever since my father- in- law had a liver transplant 27 years ago. Without his liver transplant he would never have been able to see us get married or know the two precious grandchildren he has, now 18 and 19. At 87 he plays tennis daily, goes to museums, shows, lectures etc. He is the oldest living liver transplant recipient; how could I not want to…

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