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I am reading a wonderful book right now…it’s entitled “One Simple Act” written by Debbie Macomber.  The sub title is “Discovering the Power of Generosity.”  I have only read a couple of chapter so far, but it really is inspiring.

It’s the whole “Pay it Forward” concept, that I am sure we have all heard of.  I know most of us make it a habit to be kind to others…but this compels you to do even more.  To be really conscious of how you are treating others and to try to do really wonderful things for people on a regular basis.

One example is where it is winter and she is leaving a bookstore and she has her gloves on, her winter coat and is in her car with the heater on…she is headed to the store for some quick items.  She sees a man in the median strip with a sign “Hungry, will work for food.”  He has a white bucket for money.  Now this woman has a son in his 20’s who has left home and is estranged from the family due to drug issues.  So, seeing this man out in the frigid climate without gloves disturbed her…but she figured if she gave him money, there was a chance it would be spent on drugs/alcohol, etc.  While in the store, she just couldn’t get this man out of her mind…she bought him a pair of gloves!  She drove back to him, rolled down her window…he approached with his bucket out…she handed out the gloves, he looked at her bewildered and she explained she wanted him to have some protection from the elements…he thanked her and as she drove away, she saw him putting them on in her rearview mirror.

It seems like such a small thing.  A pair of gloves.  But who knows?  That one act of kindness, with nothing expected in return, could have given that homeless man a seed of thought…that there were good people in the world, that there was hope…maybe it just made him want to do something nice for someone…but it did mean SOMETHING.

Another example was seeing a young mother in the grocery line, without enough money to pay for her groceries and offering to pay for them.  Or offering to pay for the car behind you’s fastfood order.  There are other things that don’t cost you a penny…holding doors open, offering to do a seniors grocery shopping, shoveling someones drive for free, taking someone a casserole…just a simple smile and a “How are you doing?” and honestly stopping and caring about their answer.

If every person tried to do one or two kind things everyday…wouldn’t the world be a more pleasant place to live?  It seems we all get so bogged down with our own lives and struggles…we stop seeing each other.  I know I get crabby and inpatient with people when they treat me badly (as noted in my previous blog) but I try to understand that they are probably just having a bad day or don’t feel well.  There are people out there who just don’t even seem to appreciate when you are nice to them or when you try to do something helpful for them, but I am sure deep down they do and it does mean something to them.

The world is tough sometimes and we are all struggling in some fashion or another…some more than others of course…but we would all be better off if we could try to remember that we’re all human, we all have families, we all have our problems. 

Thank you for reading my blog!  Please pass it on!  Go do something nice for someone today!

“Nothing says YOU MATTER TO ME more than the act of investing time with the people we care about.”