Pride. Such a simple word, but it can mean different things to different people, can’t it? Some think to have pride is a sin, something that means you’re vain and snobbish. To some, it just means you care about your appearance or your achievements. Which, in my opinion, is not a bad thing, is it? Shouldn’t we all care about our appearance and achievements? I know I have stood in line in Wal-Mart behind people who really need to gain some pride…and invest in some soap and deodorant while in the process.

I was watching the show “What Not To Wear” the other day, and I’ve seen other episodes where the person being “schooled” in fashion, would say something like “People who are all put together are high-maintenance, self absorbed snobs!”  That attitude got under my skin a bit. Now I don’t care how someone wants to dress at all, if you wanna wear a ripped rock t-shirt and sweats everyday, then by all means you do that…wear what you’re comfortable in of course. But don’t make judgments about me because I like to wear a cute outfit with accessories that go with the outfit! I mean seriously…Some seem to think that it must take an inordinate amount of “self-absorbed” time putting together a decent outfit…but it doesn’t at all, how hard is it to grab a pair of jean capris and a cute blouse and slap on some earrings and a bracelet? It doesn’t take me anymore time to get ready than it does my husband or someone who is a jeans and t-shirt, no make up kinda person. I’m ready in a half an hour…with shower…twenty minutes without. I don’t shop a lot, and I get most of my things from Goodwill or Wally World…I do have a lot of clothes and shoes from keeping things over the years, so I can throw an outfit together quickly and know how to match and accessorize. But I don’t like hearing others make the judgment that I must be high maintenance or prideful to the extreme to care about my appearance.

I don’t get why anyone would fault someone for having good personal hygiene and clean, matching clothing on…with a matching purse no less! The nerve! So Stacy and Clinton on the show (yes. I’m on a first name basis…lol) made the woman see how easy it is to throw an outfit together and slap on some lipgloss and hit the road looking like you have some “pride” in your appearance.

I never really understood what high-maintenance meant. Still not sure I do. But, if it means you care about being clean and having a decent outfit on…then sign me up for the high-maintenance crowd!! My khaki capris and peach tshirt are no different than your black tshirt and jeans…I just threw on a bracelet and earrings…whoa! Slow me down!

So, I guess we all have pride…if that’s what we wanna call it.  I care about cleanliness and hygiene. I happen to like cute outfits and shoes. It doesn’t take me long to get ready, I don’t do high-end shopping, I have short, easy hair…so forgive me if I might appear to be a little pulled together on the off chance I leave my house for a change…and lets be forgiving of the other “snobs” like me for choosing to take 20 minutes to get ready to present themselves to the world in a somewhat more fashionable piece of material than you chose to throw on.

I have watched the “What Not To Wear” a few times…and the person getting the makeover is always happy at the end…they found out its not as hard as they thought to care a little bit about their outward appearance and it doesn’t make you a bad or self absorbed person. We all should try to appear clean and confident when we show ourselves to the world…why not do it in a cute outfit? 😉


2 thoughts on “Pride…

  1. I’m not good at accessories and mixing and matching but I try although I have to say I don’t make an effort with make up except for lipstick. My daughter, when she is home, helps me but I’m truly not good at it. I’m definitely clean and present well but not creative. I shop in thrift stores too, sometimes Target but I don’t like shopping and don’t have the money for it.

    • and its wonderful just to be u Big Sis…I certainly don’t want that blog post to come across as I think everyone should accessorize or put a lot of thought or money into their appearance, just not to judge those who enjoy putting together outfits…I certainly have no money to spend on fashion by any means, which is why Goodwill or Salvation Army is where I do shop for the most part…after losing so much weight so rapidly, I had no other option but to get new clothes over the past year…90% from thrift stores or garage sales and the other 10% from my daughter buying them for me! lol…but seeing so many people on that tv show What Not To Wear make snap judgments about others (until they decide its fun and easy to put on a cute outfit with accessories, after being shown!) and stating they are conceited or stuck up or high-maintenance…bugged me, so that’s why I felt the need to vent on my lil blog here…lol. I’m all for to each his own…but don’t call me high-maintenance when that just isn’t the case…ok…now off my soapbox! Thanks for reading and replying Big Sis! And you are beautiful just the way you are! xo

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