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I was watching “Good Morning America” the other day when a cancer patient met the person who gave her bone marrow to save her life. I have always wanted to sign up to volunteer to give my bone marrow for a very sick person but I never really knew how. I thought it was very expensive and incredibly painful; I was wrong.

I signed up this morning and I hope many more people will do the same. I’ve been an organ donor for years ever since my father- in- law had a liver transplant 27 years ago. Without his liver transplant he would never have been able to see us get married or know the two precious grandchildren he has, now 18 and 19. At 87 he plays tennis daily, goes to museums, shows, lectures etc. He is the oldest living liver transplant recipient; how could I not want to…

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  1. thanks for sharing — what a wonderful idea! I can’t give blood ( used to be able to but meds screw that up — just when I was going to sign up for the plalets program because I’m o negative — the universal donor.
    I never thought of bone marrow (i”m done for whatever organs are still of any use)
    I have most blogs I follow on weekly digest — my cognitive issues right now just don’t let me do to much at once.
    Thanks again for sharing!

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