this was a great blog…I will state here and now…if ANYONE thinks its fun to be sick 90% of the time, they are welcome to a week of my life…yes, there r days I will force my body to do “Normal” things, like shop, or go to dinner, but then I will suffer 50% worse for 2 days after that in bed, barely able to move. Having a chronic illlness & being in chronic pain is no game…no one wpuild live this way if it weren’t necessary. Yes, I know it sounds nice to spend the week in bed when you’re working a 50 hr. week & raising kids…I used to have the privelegde of doing that…but trust me when I say, I would go back to those days at the snap of a finger! I WANT to work and make my own money! I WANT to get out & meet people! But until you really live in the bed of a chronic…you have no idea what this horrible “bed sentence” in like day in and day out.

Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals

“The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.” (Isaiah 50:4)

One of the strange and paradoxical things about illness is how it can bring out jealousy and envy in others. It is more than I can wrap my mind around that there are those who appear to be jealous and envious of our illnesses.

Perhaps some people enjoy getting a lot of attention, or are starved for attention, and they see everything with that mindset. I would be happy to be rid of my illnesses and am willing to give them to anyone who wants them. I don’t need or want the attention.

Then there are those days when we are doing a bit better, perhaps our illness has not completely stopped us in our tracks…

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this. I am so sorry for what you are experiencing. I often feel the same way. My personality and desires have not changed in the 19 years of rheumatoid arthritis, but my limits have a GREAT deal – from one extreme to the other. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and I hope you continue to find comfort and know people understand over at our site.

  2. the only thing anyone has ever said to me is, Great, you have a built in excuse if you don’t want to do something.
    I turned and said, but I do want to do things. A lot of things. I just kept listing things…and the person said, Wow, you can’t do any of that. I said, not on most days. On the rare day, I can maybe do one. And often I have to leave early.
    Then they got it.

    Most people just don’t get it.

    Yes, there are times I’m glad I do have an excuse that I don’t have to go to this or that, but then….I’d really like to go to THAT!!! And enjoy it, not just be there, sitting in the corner, dizzy, praying not to throw up, and not being able to be involved in any conversation because I can’t hear anyone well enough in such a crowd. Then tomorrow comes, and I’m stuck in bed, and can’t move, the room is dark, I have ice on my head. Why, Why did I even try.

    No they don’t understand. But we do. Until they walk a mile in your shoes…..
    So we forgive them. When we were healthy, we probably would not have been so callous, but we wouldn’t have understood.
    And even among our community, we don’t completely understand the other person’s illness, but we understand a lot.

    We give the ignorant ones some slack. Because, we never know, at some point, they could be one of us. Then they will understand from this side. And if they never do….chances are, they will have a loved one who does. It’s a good chance it will touch them at some point in their life. Until then, we can only try to educate. And do the best we can.

    Thank you for sharing.
    (this used to make me so dang mad, but I realized, most people will be touched my illness in someway at some time. I don’t wish that on them, I just wish they understood. so I try to educate, but mostly I forgive. I even told the person who said that stupid thing to me. I forgive you for not understanding what you are saying….that, got them to shut up and listen.)

    hope you have the best day possible.

  3. Tammy, I have a girlfriend that craves attention so much that she goes to the ER often and gets admitted because of her “symptoms” The longest stay was four days, and she enjoyed ever minute of it. Just as she doesn’t understand me….I don’t undestand her! And I did have someone remark to me that she wished she could quit her job and stay home, I told her be careful what you wish for. People just don’t get it!

  4. This is a wonderful blog! I agree with all of the statements. Anyone who thinks that this is a good way to get attention can have this. I don’t want or need that kind of attention.
    Thanks for sharing this blog!!

  5. Since I am so open (and probably annoyingly so) about my fibromyalgia, back pain and nerve pain people don’t say that stuff to me. I have a special needs 5 y/o too and maybe they don’t envy my life? 🙂 Or maybe they do say it but my brain fog allows me to forget it?

    However, when I was on bed rest for my pregnancy a few years ago people said stupid stuff like “it must be nice.” No, it is quite sucktastic and scary to know if you don’t stay in the bed you can lose your baby and still might even if you do stay in the bed. Then I had to stay home with my preemie because he had no immune system since he was born at 27 weeks 6 days. I heard the “must be nice” and other jealous things because I was staying home with my immune compromised baby who choked on his reflux and had to be suctioned out. The doctor’s ALL said if we didn’t keep him at home, he would be right back in the hospital.

    Now, I find myself thinking “it must be nice” when someone complains about their busy, normal day or how their child talked their ear off or something that I would consider a blessing. Maybe it is better for my well-being to just be thankful for what I have and search hard for the my blessings when it is hard to see because it can definitely get worse.

    • I’m an open book as well Ten…Wow…going thru that trauma with ur pregnancy and after care with ur baby is one thing I always felt I just wouldn’t have handled well…the worry you had to go thru about ur baby…that takes strength. The only “good” thing I can say about having this chronic pain/illness since 2005 is that I’m thankful my kids have always been healthy cuz that is one thing for sure I do not think I could’ve made it thru…I love ur openess.

      Mo, Rosemary, Mo and Wendy…I love the Rest Ministries blog…always good info and uplifting…the “normals” of the world just do not understand what us “chronics” deal with on an everyday schedule…its a wonder sum of us don’t go mad, cabin fever! I Envy the healthy people in the world! I find myself thinking envious/jealous feelings when I see healthy people…walking outside, jogging, exercising…working…picking up their children..biking…they take it all for granted some of them. I LOOK normal…but my insides are anything but normal.

      I wish there was a way for people who are rude or just uncaring to have to feel what we feel for any length of time…then they would understand…this is not our choice to be shut ins, to have to bow out of get togethers, to be financially dependant on our spouses in some cases…this is not the life I signed up for, trust me. But I’m thankful for my cyber friends who get it…I’m thankful for blogs like Restful Ministries and others written by all of you…it helps me get thru one more day…hugs to all of u!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. As one of the commenters said “walk a mile in my shoes,” and another “be careful what you wish for.”
    “Nice not to have to work” is a tough one. It means living on one income with not a penny to spare. I’d love to be working again. I miss it and the daily interaction with other people.
    Chronic illness, in it’s many forms, is isolating because folks who aren’t dealing with it don’t understand, and there are days/weeks/months or more, that some folks can’t leave their bed, let alone their house. I just can’t image the folks who say “it’s great that you get to be at home” realize the loneliness and isolation that goes with the illness and the pain.
    Still not on facebook — so, I’ll wish that you are getting a break from the pain, etc. Really wish there was a way that we could make the chronic illness go away. (As well as the ignorance/non-understanding of some of the “normal” folks!

    • Hey Phy…thanks for commenting..its a great blog for sure…excellent topic too! I appreciate your wishes on my pain…but unfortunately its been absolutely wicked today! Just one of those days where ya wanna pull your hair out, screaming til the windows crack kinda days. But maybe the wishes will come thru better tomorrow! lol…I hope so…cuz I have things to do! Glad to hear from ya. xo

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