The tidal wave of pain….

I’ve been washed away, with the wave of pain today.

Tomorrow I will wake up, and grip my coffee cup.niagara

And I will pray and pray, for the pain to go away.

3 thoughts on “The tidal wave of pain….

  1. Tammy, I just want to scream when I hear how bad you are suffering. Tomorrow morning when Idrink my coffee I will be thinking of you and also praying for your pain to stop.

    • Oh Mo…I luv u! Thank u for taking up my cause with me Honey…My ssuffering seems so much more insane cuz a doctor caused this mess and now no doc in any state is willing to help me…just go away crazy messed up lady! We dont wanna get into that mess and fail or have you die on our way.

  2. Hey Tammy — I got your post 3 times each time someone left a comment — which is fine.
    I left my comment on the first one. Hope you got it. If not, I’ll say it again:
    Powerful imagery — I wish your pain would go away.
    I’m sending you all the good and healing thoughts I have.
    Everytime I go out, I wear the pink scarf and think of you.
    Sending you all the good thoughts and wishes I would if I saw your postings on facebook. Still too overwhelming for me to use it.

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