“Hit Me With Your Best Shot!”

Well, it’s a little after 10:30pm. I’m where I usually am, on my bed with the dogs, watchin the recorded Waltons of the day. I’m still dealin with bronchitis, chest is feelin really tight, probably shoulda went in to doc today…will Monday if not significantly better I think.

I had a pretty okay day today. I forced my pain riddled body to get up and pull on some jeans and a tshirt, and my “Crazy Dog Lady and Proud of It!” Hoodie, and crawled into the van and drove up to our little lake cottage. It was a sunny day, but cold. The drive was nice, there are still beautifully colored leaves on some of the trees! It’s only about a 40 minute drive, I was pretty sluggish on the way there. My mission was to get to the cottage and clean out the fridge and pantry for the season. I’ve been wanting to get that done since the end of August, but just havn’t felt up to it.

So I got there and threw out anything bad, scrubbed out the fridge, then loaded the good stuff and the bad stuff (lettuce in a bag for a couple months = gross) into the van. By now my blood was kinda pumpin, so I thought I would hit the Dollar Store on my way outta town to get a few groceries, and I did…including milk and eggs! It saved me a trip to the “real” grocery store…alot smaller area to cover. I am sure I looked a fright considering I didn’t comb my hair or put on makeup and was a bit dirty from the fridge…but…oh well!

Got my purchases loaded up, climbed in and started for home. The day was still sunny, the drive so pretty…alot of farmland, cows, horses…it made me sit there and thank God for all the beauty he created…I truly said thank you for each thing outloud as I drove!

Then I decided to put in my fave rocker chick (well maybe that’s a tie with Joan Jett)…Pat Benetar! So for the rest of the drive it was me and Pat belting out her best work! Yes, it hurt my belly and lungs…but I held the wheel with one hand and my belly with the other and I sang my heart out! Of course “Hit Me..” got played more than once…cuz that’s how I feel when I’m fightin…bring it! I’ve not been fightin much lately…been in the corner with the icky spit bowl droolin like a fool. I’m gonna put my mouth piece back in and go back in the ring again. I might get sidelined again here and there…of course I will…I have too many serious health conditions not to, but I will keep standin back up, I’m like that big blow up punchin bag clown we had as kids…lol

So, I enjoyed the day for the most part. I’m suffering a bit extra for it, but I’m okay. It was Veteran’s Day and I also thanked God for all the Veteran’s and prayed for their families, and thanked God mine was safe too.

Well, my chest is feelin pretty tight and icky, think I will break out the Vicks and take a bath in it. Hope you all enjoyed your personal 11-11-11!


9 thoughts on ““Hit Me With Your Best Shot!”

  1. I can see you, rocker chick, singing with the music, your breathing labored but you were gonna do the best you could do. Wish I had been with you, seeing the animals on the road and picking up fun, cheap stuff at the dollar store. Tammy, you know how to have fun even when you are feeling icky! I admire that in you. Love, your big sis.

  2. YAY!!!! ~ A Good Day ~ that is great, girlfriend. Sometimes you just gotta go out and GRAB one, to hell with the consequences. Proud of you, I know it was probably scary to do it but you made it through and I know it must have done your head a world of good to get out of the house and enjoy a beautiful fall day……GOOD FOR YOU……HUGS xoxoxoxo

  3. I love the hoodie! I want one!!
    I’m so glad you were able to do these things. I know it took a lot out of you, but I also know you felt a great sense of accomplishment, and simple joy being able to do it.

    I was a bit jealous reading about you driving and singing in the car…you see I can’t drive because of the vertigo attacks, and I’m losing my hearing (have only 80% word recognition in right ear 0% in left.) so music isn’t the same. It really sounds horrible actually.
    Just a few months ago, I was driving and singing…my disease has progressed pretty rapidly over the last few months.

    Hoping I can go to the grocery store with my hubby tomorrow. Migraines have been keeping me down this week, and the swimming head, but I just want to go out a little bit…and oh to be able to cook some next week. (I love the crock pot, just throw things in and it’s done later…hubby’s beginning to learn to use it too.)

    So You Go Girl!!
    Sing it out loud! and Be proud!

  4. Yay! I’m so happy to read this post and see that you had a better day today! And nothing can make you feel better sometimes, then accomplishing something or just getting out! Hoping you get a repeat of today real soon!

  5. Hope the bronchitis is feeling better!

    I was looking at someone’s blog and found they have
    Gastroparesis, the diet seems to be about what you said you have to do.
    Gastroparesis, means people can’t empty their stomachs as they should. So they have to be very careful how they eat. Small meals, often liquified….
    But if you google it, and search for diets and recipes, you may find some interesting things. I found this one blog that has a bunch of recipes http://gastroparesisandgastronomy.wordpress.com/recipe-index-2/

    let me know if this helps at all, or if this is the type of food you think you can eat.
    I know I would get very tired of it too, but if it helps. I’m willing to do almost anything with my diet if it helps. (after all, no ONIONS, or GARLIC….I thought I’d die! Not to mention all the fruit I can’t eat and other veggies…but the onions and garlic are the worst…they were my go to seasonings. Sigh…I’m learning, a huge learning curve, but I’m learning to eat better on this stupid diet.)
    hugs to you.

    • Wendy, thank u so much for the info! So nice of u to make the effort! I am aware of gastroparesis and it is part of my diagnosis, but they never really educated me on the way to eat…other than the ensure and soft bland food…I am going to look it up and try to come up with a way of eating that doesn’t bore me to death…I also loved onions and garlic! Its been really hard to figure out what foods really bring on the pain…because my belly always hurts, constant burning type feeling added to feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut hard…those are constant, then when I eat and my intestines start to digest, the peristalisis brings on the painful spasms and the spots of intestine that are glued to the abdominal wall or other organs pulls and tears and causes awful pain. The small intestine doensn’t absorb all nutrients well, and the cecal part of my intestine is blocked. It’s just such a mess in there, so much going on. I didn’t know about the gastroparesis and cecal infarction until this last hospital visit…and none of the doctors seemed to have the knowledge as to how to help me, one said I had so many intestinal problems the best route would be to remove them and go with an ostomy. If that would take away all my pain I guess it’s a thought…but a scary one. So I want to try to find a decent way of eating thats still enjoyable. Thank you for putting me on a good path to check into! My pain is horrendous tonight…I’ve had gatorade, water, coffee, a few sips of mountain dew, a reeses peanutbutter cup, a tortilla wrap with turkey and avocado. So I dunno if any of those triggered this excelleration of pain tonight or if it woulda happened regardless of what I ate…but the pain is making me crazy. Its like a firepoker is stuck in my right side, it goes strait thru. I’m getting so damn sick of it. There has got to be a way to ease this pain! Its nuts! Oh, I’m sorry..goin off on a tangent…need to blog I guess! lol. Thank you again WEndy for taking an interest…I appreciate it so much. Thank God for my online friends…you guys are the only ones who understand this at all.

      • I can’t say I understand it all, but we all have our issues so I think it makes us much more understanding of others.
        One thing I’d suggest, be careful with the caffeine. Even the tiniest amount makes me have bladder spasms, and often stomach aches. I have stomach pain a lot, but don’t normally talk much about it. My acid production is way too high, and it’s so hard to figure out what to eat when you have fructose malabsorption. It’s such a new thing in the US, Australia understands it much more. They finally test for it here, but then they gave me the absolute WRONG information about what I could eat. And with more research being done on this, more is being taken from the “Yes” list and put on the “No” list and visa-versa. Right now I’m on an elimination diet, eating only what is on the allowed in any quantities list, then I’ll add a little of what it says I can eat in moderation….Sad thing, it doesn’t seem as if any two people are the same. Some can eat more of something that other’s can’t eat….I find it hard too because symptoms can take up to 3 days to manifest. By then I don’t know if I’ve eaten something wrong, something too much, or something I shouldn’t have had with something else.

        I feel so much for you. Stomach/Intestinal troubles are horrible when you don’t have some butcher causing it, but knowing you couldn’t trust your doctor, that is sure to mess with your mind too. I bet you have some major trust issues where the whole medical field is.

        If I find anything else that I feel you might be interested in, I’ll shoot it your way.

        hugs and love

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