MeMeTastic Award!

Today I received the MeMetastic blog award from my cyberfriend  Laurie Fessler of http://hibernationnow.   Come play with us and try to discern which of my 5 posts is completely true. Many have bits of truth in them but there is one that is totally true. Can you tell which one it is? Post your comments and thoughts and I will reveal the answer very soon.

There are a few rules that go along with the privilege/honor:

1. Proudly display the award in a post.

2. Post 5 tales about yourself; 4 must be made-up and one true. Now, there can be elements of truth in all the stories. Adding to the fun of creating these self-tales, is that readers can guess (and post in comments) which of the 5 they think is ALL true.

3. Pass the award along to 3 other deserving bloggers. I pick Regan at, Java at, and Jamie at

Here we go:

     1.)  When I was around six-years old I was at the local roller-dome.  We used to go there skating atleast once a week since I was a toddler.  I was an excellent skater!  Whether it be a slow roll around the rink or speed skating…I was in!  This one particular evening, I think it was a Friday or Saturday, because it was jam packed with skaters.  I was rolling around outside the actual rink, over by where you rent your skates or get snacks or sit and watch area.  I vividly remember feeling happy…exhilerated even! 

 I loved being there, the sounds…the smells…the people, plus I just loved being away from home having fun!  Anyway, there I was, this skinny as a stick (yes, I WAS skinny as a stick then! ;)), long golden blond hair, big brown eyes…missing my two front teeth, rolling thru, not paying attention where I was rolling, because I was busy people watching, and BAM I slammed straight into a pillar that was just suddenly there.  An old man came over and helped me up. I was so embarrassed I felt like I just wanted to dissappear!  I rolled to the bathroom and stayed there til my face turned the proper shade of normal skin.

 Needless to say, I paid better attention to where I was rolling after that evening!

    2.)  One night I was really bored.  I had nothing to do and no one to do it with.  I found out my three uncles, mom and dad were all going to go to an area American Legion to see a live band and have a few drinks, so as lame as that sounds, I decided to go.  I was young, single, not ugly…so of course I primped before leaving the house, not alot…just some light make-up, a little extra time on my hair, a pretty green and black sweater and just tight enough black jeans…and black boots.

  So, I was lookin pretty good I thought and then it was confirmed by my neighbor, who is male and a pretty good friend, when he came to the door right before I left and went “Damn girl! You’re looking extra fine tonight!”  Anyway, I went and met up with the family at one of their houses, and we all piled into a van and headed to the Legion.  We walked in, and literally everyone in the bar turned and stared at us as we walked into the place.  Of course we all came in as a group, so that coulda been why, but perhaps it was partially because my mom and I were both a tad more “gussied up” compared to the other people that were there.  We all sat down at one of the long tables and got our drinks and started enjoying the band. 

 During the evening we all would talk, get up and dance, and laugh.  Having a good time.  I saw a guy come walking across the floor carrying a tray of drinks for his table of friends.  He was tall, had longish-curly hair, and had on a pair of cowboy boots.  Do not ask me why, but I just find a man in cowboy boots to be slightly sexy…lol.  So, being the vigilant young single woman I was, used my super-vision and followed him to his table.  I caught his eye…he definitely smiled back…but this went on for atleast an hour, and he never would come up and ask me for a dance!  It was getting rather annoying…why? Was I too ugly? He didn’t seem to be with a female, no ring in sight…so what was the deal?

  I got up and walked over there and said “Do you like to slow dance?” he replied “Yea, I do.” So, I said “Great, next time a slow song comes on, come and get me!” Then I went back to my table and sat back down and continued chatting with my family.  Then…it happened, a slow song started, and he got up, came to the end of the table and waited. Duh. He totally didn’t know what he was doing. So I got up and we hit the dance floor. We were talking, and dancing, and he says “So, are one of those guys at that table your husband?” I laughed and said “God no! They’re my family! Why would I approach you and eyball you all night if I was with someone?” He said, I don’t know, but when a woman is at a table with a bunch of guys I can’t just start hittin on her!”

 We ended up talking the rest of the night, he even lived thru the third-degree by my entire family.  That’s when I knew, this guy was gonna be my husband.  We’ve been together ever since.

     3.)  On a sunny day when my son was about two-years old, he and I took a drive to the local park.  I had packed up a little lunch of PB&J (his fave), chips, cauliflower and  a cookie for each.  I found a big shady tree to sit under, which was close to a fishing pond and a set of swings was also nearby.  Jeremy was and still is a good kid. Fairly easy to control…so as I was spreading out the blanket and getting the food out, I felt confident he would stay by my side.

  I’m one of those “hyper-vigilant” parents, you know, don’t let your kid out of your sight for one second types? So, as I was getting set up I kept sayin, “Just stand right here by mommy Jeremy, don’t move…Good boy…just stay right here.”  Well, in that split second he was gone!  I whirled around looking in every direction, he was nowhere to be seen.  I couldn’t breathe.  My heart was in my throat.  The only thing in my head was “THE WATER!”

  I ran to the pond, without stopping, ran right INTO the water…the whole time screaming to the few people who were around, “MY BABY! MY BABY IS DROWNING!!!”  Until, suddenly, a man yells “MISS! Is this him?”  I spun around, as well as one can while waist deep in water, and there at waters edge, standing with a short, stout older man…was my boy.  With a worried look on his face, and says “Mommy, you say stay way frwum da wadder.”  So I took my first breath in what seemed like an hour, trudged thru water back to land, picked him up, thanked the gentleman, went back to the picnic spot and held onto Jeremy’s arm with one hand, while packing up with the other. 

 I got us into our car.  Started driving down the street, and burst into tears.  From the backseat Jeremy says “It’s awwite mommy, you tan swim adin amorro!”

     4.)  When I was fifteen years old I had a huge crush on Rick Springfield.  A friend and I would travel around to see him in concert.  Saying we were fans of  his would be like saying the sky is blue.  It was our life…loving Rick Springfield.  Our rooms were covered with his posters, our stereos had his albums spinning, we wore tshirts with his gorgeous face on them, we had pillowcases with him and giggled when we said we were “sleeping with Rick” each night. 

 When he came on the tv we would literally drop to our knees and scream while staring at the screen.  At one concert in Michigan, we were determined to find his hotel.  We did all the leg-work and found it.  He was at the Hilton, close to the airport.  We sat in our car and hatched our plan.  We were gonna be IN his room by nights end.  Now do not get the wrong idea, in no way was our desire sexual…it was just…more than we could handle to think of being within three foot of him…we just wanted to BE with him.  So, that evening we went to the hotel, and after a bit of chat with the hotel employees and some snooping, we found the employee breakroom which had a changing area. 

 We got in there and put on the housekeeping uniforms, and grabbed a linen cart and headed to the elevators.  As we did, the front desk worker said, “Hey! You two know you’re sposed to use the private elevators to take that up!” So, we mumbled our understanding and headed around the corner, to where we didn’t know, but then we saw it, a different type elevator, we decided that must be what he was talking about. 

 We pushed the button marked PH.  We were giddy with excitement, we had a plan to get into his room…and get his autograph, and if all went well a giant hug!  Our blood was pumping wildly, both our faces glowing red with the excitement of it all!  The elevator doors open. There. Standing with atleast five other people was…RICK Springfield!  He smiled and said “Oh, I’m sorry, excuse me…let me help you pull that outta there…” We stood there with our mouths agape, speechless…while our heart-throb himself pulled that big ole linen cart out of the elevator.

  As it cleared the door of the elevator, the doors slid shut…the last thing I saw was Ricks face as he turned back to see us still standing there with the doors closing.  We turned to each other and started screaming and crying, we were hysterical.  We started punching buttons on the elevator wildly…not even thinking that it would lock up the elevator.  Which it did. It came to a screeching halt and alarms went off.  We had to be “rescued” by hotel maintenance, who were none to pleased about it, nor were the supervisors of the hotel.  They threatened to have us arrested, but ended up letting us go with a harsh lecture.

  We got in our car and we went to the concert, we were in the pit and when Rick came out on stage, we were there…screaming his name with our arms stretched out and by the second chorus of “Jesse’s Girl” he had bent down and touched our hands! That was as close to “being with Rick” we ever got…but it was all we needed.

     5.)  It was a hot and humid August day.  I was out walking my dog, Dexter.  We would walk each afternoon around 4pm.  Just before dinner had to get underway.  We walked a trail at a park near our house.  It was shady, but that didn’t help on this particular day.  The humidity was unbearable.  Our walks usually lasted about an hour, so I didn’t take any water or anything with us, we just headed out. 

 This was before everyone and their mother carried cell phones, so I didn’t have one.  We were about a half an hour into the walk when as we were rounding a corner on the path I tripped over a root in the ground from one of the huge oak trees that were in the park.  I hit the ground HARD. My knees hit first, then my head hit the ground with a sickening thud.  I woke up to the sound of my dog whimpering.  I opened my eyes as he was licking my face.  I was trying to figure out what was going on, why I was on the ground? I tried to get up, but pain ripped thru my back, knees and head.

  I couldn’t stand up.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I began to cry, but I couldn’t even do that due to the pain, taking a deep breath was excruciating…the pain felt like it was thru my middle spine clear thru my rib-cage.  I must have broke my back was all I could think.  I tried to call out to anyone that might be around, but couldn’t make a sound more than a grunt.  Dexter kept crying and barking, and nudging me with his nose.

 I reached out to touch him, but it too caused more pain than I could stand.  I couldn’t think strait. How can I get up? I need to get up and get to a hospital. I knew that it was silly but I thought if only I could get out the words “Dexter, go get help!” Maybe he could do it, just like Lassie and get us help from home.  Looking back I know I didn’t believe that dogs could even do that, it was just Hollywood… not something a normal everyday dog could do.

  I said in what couldn’t have been more than a whisper, “Dex, go home…go home Dex!” He kept circling me, but wouldn’t leave. I tried again to get up, but that wasn’t happening.  I knew being a nurse, that maybe I had ruptured a disk in my spine from the fall, that could explain the pain I was having.  I knew my family would be expecting me by no later than 6pm.  But would they come looking for me? Or perhaps they would assume we had stopped off at a friends house as we sometimes did?  How long would I lay here?  It was still so hot, I was sweating just laying still on the ground.

 I tried again to get Dex to “go home” and this time, after again nudging me and licking my face, he left!  I lay there wondering, is he going to go home? Will he get hit by a car? Will someone steal him? Will he get lost? If he does go home, will anyone be there? What will they think? Will they remember where my trail was?  After what seemed an eternity I heard the sound of footsteps and my husbands voice yelling my name…I still couldn’t make much noise, but I did what I could to make myself noticed, and then there was Dexter! He was running all around me barking wildly! Not far behind was Jim.

 He said he had been sitting out back on the patio, when Dex came running around the back of the house.  He was whining and whimpering, and kept running up to Jim and then back to the corner of the house.  Jim said he couldn’t figure out what was going on?! He tried to get Dex into the house, but Dex wouldn’t go.  Jim said Dex behaved just like on a Lassie show or other “dog hero” type show, and Jim finally figured he better get in the car and head to the park, and that was how he found me.

  Yes. My dog Dexter is a hero. And I have fallen and tripped on more than one occassion since then.  I had indeed ruptured a disk in my thoracic spine, as well as injured both kneecaps, and ruptured a tendon in my foot.  But, after I had healed, Dex and I started back on our daily walks, and we did so for many years after, up until his death in 2008. He is still my hero, as I keep his picture at my bedside and smile at his sweet face each night before going to sleep.

     SO…THERE YOU HAVE IT!  5 “Me” stories…which ONE is ALL true?  You comment and let me know or message me…then I will reveal to you which one is all true.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Laurie for giving me the award and for the other bloggers included! As I’ve said before, I’m not a great writer, I write for fun and as a venting mechanism…but I couldn’t live without writing, that’s for sure!


6 thoughts on “MeMeTastic Award!

  1. Fantastic stories, Tammy! Like Laurie, I’m going to have to read them over again; picking the right one is going to be tough. They are all so plausible!

  2. Laurie, I know which one I want to pick…but I need to re-read them like everybody else! I must say, you have a great imagenation!

  3. SpicyT. I read your comment on Phylor’s blog and just had to check your stories out because I TOO rambled on. I love your stories I think it’s really fun to imagine!
    My only suggestion is to widen your blog column where the posts are. THe skinny size on my computer makes the stories seem longer than they actually are.
    I makes me feel happy and smile.

  4. I’m torn between 3 and 4. Dexter is cute, but I’m not sure he is the hero type (I think collie or german shepard — sorry Dexter — but you are very cute and that counts too!)
    I don’t know your hubby, but I’ve never pictured him in cowboy boots, and while you may have run into a pole or two, I don’t think you did it roller skating.
    So, I’m going to guess your son wanted to know why you went swimming and tried to reassure you that you could go swimming tomorrow. #3 it is.
    It’s a tough call; the stories are all too good!

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