It was wrong

The jury didn’t take long

They found him innocent

All our evidence not worth a cent

His lawyer stood there and lied

While I sat there and cried

How can this happen to me?

I deserved justice! Don’t they see?

He butchered me forever!

I will NEVER get better!

The jury got it SO wrong

I’m not sure I can stay strong

They based their verdict on lies

My future is now full of nothing but dark skies

It was WRONG


7 thoughts on “Wrong:

  1. You are absolutely right. It was WRONG. My heart breaks for you, my dear friend. I just am sick at heart for you. Don’t forget, you are loved. And you are believed. Someday, somehow, justice will come. Maybe not in the court system. Maybe not in this world. But someday he will have to face what he did to you. Don’t give up. Appeal if you can.

  2. you know what,fate has a way of giving back,it will come to him dont worry.
    Now you must go on,you must find joy in life again.It wont ever be the same but you must look forward not back.
    Gentle hugs my friend 🙂

    • you’re right michelle. i gotta go on. find happiness. live. but every breath i take reminds me of the pain in m y body caused by that useless doctors mistake. we lost our home because we had so many medical bills. I have continued medical bills every month. I live in constant pain. I can’t do much of what I used to. His lawyer was a lieing leach. It was awful what happened to me…all of it, the surgeries and the justice system. It shouldn’t happen to anyone else and I want to find a way to make sure it never does! Thank you for reading! xoxoxo

  3. I’m sick for you. I hate that the rich can “buy” justice, but the little guy without financial means can’t. I wish I had a magic wand so I could heal you. Oh my goodness, it is awful. I’m so sorry.

    • thank u so much. i wish u had a magic wand as well. i also hate that the rich can buy justice and buy better medical care….I hate that a doctor can ruin your life and go on with his like he did nothing wrong. I’m angry and I’m sad and I’m in shock. Thank you for your support, it means alot! xoxo

  4. I wanted to say I’m sorry this happened. The justice system is very frustrating and so unfair. I have a friend with a blog who has a list of resources (about laws and appeals) — She’s at IconDoIt.

    I was moved to share her blog with you, although I realize it may not be helpful. Can you appeal?

    It’s terrible! I remember reading some of what happened to you, so again, it IS WRONG, and I am sorry justice has not been served for you.

    • Thank u so much! i will look into icondoit and see what i can find out…we dont have the money to appeal…but if we could find a good lawyer that would do it pro bono…which is unlikely. I’m still in shock. I was just floored and really had the wind knocked out of me. Then today we got a $8,000 bill from that useless lawyer of ours that lost the case due to his ineptness! He knew we had no money! He knew we were gonna drop the case a year ago due to having no money and losing our home…he said he believed in it and woudl foot the bill…well lo and behold we lost, now he wants his money. I am so mad I could spit bullets…yes, bullets, not nails! grrrr…thank you for reading and giving me suggestions…I soo appreciate it! xoxoxo

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