The box

Trapped in a box without windows

Can barely acknowledge if the wind blows

Each day grows more painful than the last

As you rehash each minute of your torturous past

Is there any happiness left to be had?

Or will the rest of your days be equally as sad?

Does anyone care?

When I need them, no one is there

They grow bored with the sorrow

Don’t want it to be part of their tomorrow

So who do you have left to confide in?

Or do you continue with the oh so fake grin?

People do love you, this is true

But they are at a loss on how to fix you

Maybe their lives would be easier and less complicated

If you were to fly away or perhaps even be cremated

Maybe your presence is really no longer needed

Perhaps they’re not happy with the way they’ve been treated.

What good are you to anyone anymore?

You’re just a body thats been ripped and tore

So just crawl deep into your box

And forget the combination to the locks

“The roots of morality are to be found in empathy”………..Martin L. Hoffman, PH.D



2 thoughts on “The box

  1. OMG! I just read this ~ Tammy, you are a poet. I mean REALLY. This is a wonderful piece… hits it right on the head. I am sorry you are feeling this way but wow you describe it perfectly. I have felt this way before, many times. It really is good. You should try submitting this somewhere. You should also keep writing poems. You are very gifted!

    • thanks julz….writing anything feels therapeutic for me, especially when i am soo down like i have been lately. thanks for reading and for complimenting me on it also! 😉 xoxo funny how my online friends (family) are so supportive and kind to me…when the people in my ACTUAL life don’t even see me….lol.

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