bleeding poems

I am sad

I am mad

I am confused

I feel abused

I am tired

No longer admired

Feel like running away

Knowing I must stay

Feeling I may just melt

Trying to live this life I’ve been dealt

Thank you for reading my blog.  I so appreciate all the messages and comments I receive from new and old friends.  There is alot I still need to learn about blogging and writing….so thanks for coming along on my education!

I am wishing for peace.  For everyone.  There is so much cruelty in the world.  Always has been, and I spose always will be.  Kids are starting out being cruel at younger and younger ages.  It saddens me.  The older I get, the more the meaness in the world disturbs me. 

Time for bed…I pray I can sleep….pray along with me!?! xoxo


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