My nod to some of my fave blogs:

Last week a great friend of mine gave me a wonderful “gift” in an award called “One Lovely Blog.” Now I’m gonna do my part and try to give kudos some bloggers who I read and love….and of course my #1 person I would give it to is the terrific lady who gave it to me!  But I guess that would not be the way to go, since she already has one!  But her blog is my most favorite one to read…just putting that on the record!  That is

So, the following 15 blogs are one’s that I have really enjoyed reading for one reason or another.  Most are health related, but not all.

1.)365 Days of Gratitude

2.)Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals

3.)Endometriosis: the silent life sentence

4.)Fibromyalgia Blog

5.)Hibernationnow\’s Blog

6.)Little Girl With a Big Pen

7.)my foggy brain

8.)Thomas John Brown\’s Daily

9.)Mothering of 5

10.)Oh my Aches and Pains

11.)Deanna\’s Blog, The Life of a Working Writer Mommy

12.)Dogkisses\’s Blog

13.)Lila Lost in the Fibro Fog…..



So, those are 15 I read or have read and liked.  I hope I didn’t repeat many if any that Jolene nominated…if I did…I am sorry!  I’m new to blogging and don’t have a huge list to choose from….I plan on changing that though.

So…I want to take a second and once again thank Jolene for giving me my award!  Meant alot to me!  Love that girl! 😉

I will hopefully have a new entry up by the end of the week…not feeling too peachy right now…overdid it this weekend I believe!

Love to all!


10 thoughts on “My nod to some of my fave blogs:

  1. Hi spicyt!
    Thank you for giving me this ‘lovely blog award’!
    I don’t know if my foggy brain can do it again, make a list that is. But I will certainly hold it in my thoughts and pass it along another time if that is okay.
    Nice to come upon your blog! That looks like a gift in itself! I also love graceful agony’s blog.
    I couldn’t even get the award posted right. Not too savvy on the computer.
    I look forward to visiting your blog now.
    Thank you again!

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  3. Thank you so much for passing the One Lovely Blog Award on to me Tammy. I actually passed it to Jolene, but that was via my fiction blog, so it’s nice to have it come back to me on my nonfiction blog, (hope that makes sense – I’m only on my first cup of coffee).

    It’s always nice to meet another blogger who shares the experience of daily pain. Having others to talk to about it makes a world of difference in alleviating that pain. I look forward to reading more of your work!

    • I knew you were the one who passed it to Jolene…but I couldn’t resist! I love ur blogs! I love Jolenes so much as well….it is wonderful to find bloggers who are dealing with some of the same issues you are! Enjoy your summer!

      • Aw, you’re too sweet Tammy. I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my blogs, and I really appreciate your kind words. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you so much for including me on such a wonderful list. I’m honored to be mentioned and I’m honored by the company!

    I’m not able to do justice to passing it along, I don’t have much stamina and the neurological stuff does much better when I stick to just text (hence the monochromatic dullness of my site 😉 )

    Thank you even more for this site and for sharing your days with us. It helps. Alot.

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