Alone in pain

I’m here. Alone in pain

In the fetal position

The tears wax and wane

I cry out to God, why me?

I hear no answer

For no answer can there be

I am just one born to suffer

There are others too

Some have it even rougher

This pain  has taken my soul

Although I’m still here physically

I am no longer whole

I’m alone in pain

My second attempt at poetry to vent my pain.  Bad I know.  I’m growing! It’s another unusually bad night of pain for me…and I wanted to enjoy our weekend to Indiana Beach…but its not meant to be I guess…I’ll grit my teeth and fake it though.


5 thoughts on “Alone in pain

  1. Poetry is a great outlet. Hope your trip this weekend gave you a break from the pain cycle. I hope your bad night of pain was followed by a day (or more!) of good memories and fun times.

  2. Bad? Are you kidding? This poem is full of emotion Tammy. You should explore a lot more of this talent, in my humble opinion.

    Here’s to a pain-free day for you!

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