Why do we put our lives into a strangers hands?  You wouldn’t you say?  You do, each time you go to your doctor.  We rely on these men and women to take care of us.  To keep us healthy.  To cure us of disease. 

We don’t KNOW these doctors.  We don’t know what their childhood was like.  We don’t know what their marriages are like.  We don’t know what kind of grades they got in medical school…were they in the top half or the bottom half?  Most of the time we don’t know if they have been involved in a malpractice lawsuit…oh, you can try to check on healthgrades or some similar site., but it isn’t always noted…if they settled out of court for instance. it won’t sometimes even be on their record.

Do they CARE about their patients?  Or are they just putting in the time until they can retire to full time on the golf course?  Are they alcoholics or drug abusers?  You can’t always tell….and you would be suprised at the numbers.  Do they even READ your medical history?  I know for a fact that some don’t.  Some never even look at your chart….this is why you find yourself repeating your health concerns repeatedly.  Do they UNDERSTAND your illness?  If it’s a broken bone…they sure do!  Heart condition?  Usually.  But if it’s a more complicated illness, like auto immune diseases (Lupus, APS) or a chronic pain condition (Fibro, CFS) they aren’t so good…cuz that would require them to do extra research…once they graduate med school they don’t feel the need to do a whole lot of that…oh, they must take classes/seminars…but they aren’t often worried about such things.

When I was in the hospital,. there was an instance where the physician that was in charge of my case because my normal doc was busy in Disney World, where he literally NEVER entered my room.  Never touched me or looked at me.  He stood at the nurses station and wrote in my chart…but he never came into my room…while I was on a vent in a coma and my intestines were outside my body.  That man was in charge of my life.

To alot of doctors we are charts.  They dont know us as people.  They don’t CARE about us as people.  We are a means to an end.  They are more concerned about their big houses and fancy cars.  Their boats.  Their vacations. Their country clubs.  In some cases…their NURSES and mistresses. But in alot of cases. WE are just a number.  Some are just going thru the motions.

I love on tv when they show doctors who actually KNOW their patients…like they are friends!  They know all their health history and their lifestyles…that would be awesome!  Then you could feel like that doc was giving you good medical care…like they knew you and cared about you!

With my very complicated medical history I live in FEAR of anything new happening to me.  If I passed out right now…and was sent to the hospital…they could really screw me up…because I am on soo many medications…because my abdomen is very delicate…if they cut into me without knowing what they were doing, they will most certainly kill me (my intestines are all glued together and glued to my organs and very close to the skin…no muscle wall protecting them).  I can not say with any assurance that my family doctor would even think of that.  I’m on blood thinners, of course that is on my chart…but it was on my chart in the hospital and mistakes were made.

There are soooo many medical mistakes made and sooo many ways to cover them up.  So many that are not reported and some that are reported but not fully disclosed.  We as healthcare consumers are on our own.  WE have to be responsible for our own healthcare needs.  We have to investigate our doctors. but even then we cannot rely on the info we find.  We have to choose our docs with our gut along with what we find out about their education.  We have to keep our own set of medical records up to date.  We have to KNOW our medications well and know the side effects and what interractions with other meds or foods there are.  We must ask questions.  We must research our illnesses…our symptoms. We have to educate ourselves.

The day of going to the town doc and just leaving everything up to him is over.  I hate going to doctors…for good reason I would say.  But I DO have to go to them.  New ones at times.  And it sucks.  I HATE it.  Just like this new urologist I am seeing.  He has me cathing for what he says is urinary retention.  I believe there is more going on than just that.  But, I’m doing what he has prescribed for now…waiting for that return appointment where I can ask for further tests to be done….because although i do have retained uring…it’s not much, and my symptoms have not gone away since cathing.

It’s scary to be a person who has several illnesses to deal with.  Let me see…what all do I have…1) Antiphosphosipid Syndrome (potentially fatal blood clotting autoimmune disease) 2) Lupus 3) Adhesions/Neuromas/Scar tissue/Hernias (due to botched abdominal surgery-also potentially fatal due to bowel blockage/strangulation) 4) Degenerative Disk Disease and ruptured disks in back 5) Osteoarthritis of back, hip and knees 6) Mitral Valve Prolapse 7) Ruptured tendons in elbows 8) Fibromyalgia 9) neurogenic bladder 10) Really bad teeth…lol.

Current symptoms I can’t figure out…but are not medication related….are, extreme nausea and fatigue…more than the norm, and flank type pain and my eyes ache and are very tired and the whites are bloodshot and greyish looking. I’m afraid it’s liver related…or kidney possibly.

I dunno.  But I just feel like doctors find me confusing.  Like I’m just too complicated…maybe they don’t know where to begin…or are afraid to do anything…lol. Don’t get me wrong.  I respect the doctors that are really trying to do good.  The ones who treat us like people…not cattle.  I respect how hard they’ve worked for their license.  I just get tired of seeing the ones who just run you thru like a car wash.

I’ve done some research on Medical Malpractice…and it’s just astonishing what’s going on out there.  It’s downright horrifying. But we NEED doctors.  We have to go to them.  We have to depend on them.  We have to trust them.  But you better do your part.  And even if you do…add alot of prayer and faith in God to get you through.

To all the doctors out there who actually CARE about your patients…God bless you.  To the one’s in it for the money and prestige…God help you.  To the dumbass who butchered me….I hope you think about it each and every day.

So…this was my 50th blog!!!  Woo Hoo!  50!  The bigh 5-0!  😉

Thanks to everyone who takes the time out of their busy day to read my little blog with all my crazy ramblings!  I appreciate it!  I love the messages and support from you all!

“Live, Love, Laugh!”


12 thoughts on “Doctors:

  1. Well said – I’m with you both on how you feel about the jerks as well as the occassional one who hasn’t lost the ability (assuming the others ever had it) to care.

    I know many are run ragged – but they chose that career. If they’re burnt out they should choose another and get out.

    All I want is respect.

  2. Ms. Tammy,
    It is sad to hear about your very bad (to say the least) experience with doctors over the past few years. It sounds like you have many reasons to be skeptical and distrustful towards doctors. I sincerely hope that your present and future experiences are much better. There is a group of cardiologists on WordPress putting together a heart blog to inform and educate people about the current cardiovascular issues facing many patients today. I noticed that you have MVP. We have been fortunate enough to get a well-published and international expert on MVP and mitral regurgitation to contribute a series of posts for the blog. We are reaching out to folks and hope that the blog will help you and any others that may have questions or concerns about their health. Thank you for your time and I hope your health continues to improve,

    • Dr. Guichard;

      Thank you for that information. I will check it out. I have indeed become leary of the medical community after my nightmare that I will never wake up from. The pain is relentless, and I’ve been told by every doc that there is nothing more that can be done other than pain control. I have to eat pureed foods…no fiber…no dairy…with a huge hernia making me appear 6 months pregnant or more. I have a blood clotting disease as well and take Coumadin. The MVP is mild at the moment. I do have intermittent chest pain. They tried to do a chemical stress test but the chemical they instilled caused some horrid reaction where the base of my skull felt as if it was cracking open and my bp went up and I started freaking out, they had to put sum other med into my iv to make it all stop…it was another awful experience…I have had other bad experiences with the medical field as well…its as if I am a magnent for bad medical experiences…so I try to avoid doctors if at all possible for self preservation.
      I am sure your blog will help many, and I hope it does. Thanks again for commenting. I hope just reading a bit of my story makes you look at your next patient as a fellow human being with a family, dreams and goals and feelings, and not simply a chart or diagnosis.

  3. Ms. Tammy,
    I hope that you have been doing well. As you may remember from our previous conversation, I am with a group of cardiologists who started a blog and forum designed to educate and help people with their medical issues. Our idea has been well-received by many people. One suggestion we have been given on several occasions is a request for a personal experiences section from a patient’s perspective. We have responded to the suggestion and decided to add a “Patient Stories” section where people can share their own medical experiences. We hope this addition will be an inspiration to others who struggle with many of the same medical issues. I wanted to contact you and see if you would be willing to share your story about your past and current medical experiences. You have quite a story and I believe it would help many current and future readers. I know that your story is filled with many different experiences, both positive and negative towards medical providers, and that is perfectly fine. We want patient stories to be real, honest, and truthful because that is what inspires people the most. You never know how a story or experience could positively affect the life of another person. If you would be interested, we would greatly appreciate your perspective. Your story can be long or short, revealing or unrevealing, open or anonymous – it is completely up to you. If you are interested or have any questions then please let me know. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

    • I certainly know Ms. Tammy and I will beg her to write out every detail of her mishandled, misguided case. Please tell me what and how this would be helpful to her? Other than to vent her frustrations. Thank you. Tammy’s older sister. Laurie

      • Ms. Laurie,
        While venting frustrations can certainly be therapeutic, we hope for this to mean something more to Ms. Tammy. There are many people who have suffered through similar and different experiences – all with the same result, frustration. We believe that providing emotional support can be an extremely effective tool for getting people on the road to healing and recovery. That is why we wanted to create a place where people can express their thoughts, feelings, struggles, achievements, lessons learned, and wisdom in order to be an inspiration for others. This would provide an invaluable resource and support for people who may feel alone or isolated with their medical issues. While this may not be directly helpful to her, although we hope it will, we think her story will be a help to others. Sincerely,

  4. Wow…I’ve not chkd myy blog for awhile! Missed my big sis and the docs comments tiil now. Thx for lookin out for me Laurie! I have no prob writing out my story for the cardi blog. Iam hopeful others can learn or b educated or inspired by all ie gone thru and continuue to go thru. It won’t. B a doc bashing…just factual. I will pull it together asap and submit it to u Dr. Jason

  5. Ms. Tammy,
    I just wanted to give you an update. Thank you very much for your story! We are currently waiting for a few other peoples’ stories as well, we would like to be able to post 3-4 stories all at once initially. Will keep you updated. Thanks!

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