blah, blah, blah…KIDNEY FAILURE!

So….been tryin this whole, let’s jam a tube up my pee hole for a few days now.  Thought I was getting pretty good at it yesterday..but am feeling ill today.  Just that sick, malaise, icky…my bladder burns…I can literally barely get urine to come out on its own…and not that much with the cath eithr.  There are also tiny blood clots too.  I a m officially scared now.  My kidneys may be failing.  I am also nauseated.  I am on Bactrim DS…you would think that would’ve helped.  Nothing goes right.  Not one damn thing.  Well, anothr life lesson learned…don’t take pooping or peeing for granted…cuz when you can’t do it…ITS A BIG FREAKIN DEAL!

Gettin really hard to stay tough.  Really hard.


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