God has a huge sense of humor….

So I went to the urologist today…seems my bladder is kind of paralyzed and doesn’t know when to say its beyond full…to give me the signal to pee.  A normal adult bladder holds about 300 ml of urine when full.  Mine was drained of 750 ml after having urinated what I thought was all my urine.  A normal person should pee like every 4 hours.  I pee like twice a day.  My bladder is so stretched out, it has no elasticity…so my urine sits in there and breeds bacteria.

Now I get to catheterize myself three times a day…everyday…for 3 months…and pray that my bladder regenerates and shrinks back to normal size….but if not, I will be stuck doing this forever.  I am freaking out.  It hurts to stick that cath in there!  THREE times a day?  OMG.  Unreal.

What else? 

Other than that horrible news…my daughter and I had a great day getting our nails done and going to dinner!  I’m so thankful to be alive to see her 16th birthday!  So thankful to be alive to be with my children and my family.

Screw you bladder!


One thought on “God has a huge sense of humor….

  1. OH GOD!! I am just now getting around to reading this…..that totally sux Tammy! Now I understand the cath thing…..I am not real”quick on the draw” LOL. Sorry I haven’t kept up with these blogs. I just wander around in a haze most of the time and forget everything. I am sorry to hear what the urologist told you, and that you have to cath yourself. What a pain. I hope that your poor bladder will be restored to it’s normal size eventually and that it will do what it is supposed to do. xoxoxox

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