Sweet 16… <3

Thursday is my daughters 16th birthday!  My “baby.”  Why is 16 such a big deal?  I guess it’s all because you can finally drive.  I believe it’s also different when a girl turns 16, as opposed to when a boy does…maybe it’s just me, but I do.  I can remember so clearly…her sitting in her favorite chair, with her oh so dirty and falling apart pink and white blankie, flipping one of the threads across her nose as she sucked on her oh so deformed thumb!  Her really bad overbite from the thumb sucking…the pad of her thumb was flat and smooth like a pebble from so much overuse!

Her first day of kindergarten…a tantrum because the seams of her socks were not hitting across her toes just to her satisfaction.  Her screaming and running from having her tangled hair brushed.  Her escaping from the bathtub and running out the backdoor butt naked through the field with me in high pursuit!  Her sitting in the backyard at the picnic table watching worms (or as she for some odd reason called them…snots) for hours on end.

Her taking her toy shopping cart and sneaking into her older brothers room at night and “shopping” while he was asleep…til he finally caught on to how some of his things were disappearing!  Having to buy her around 8 different goldfish over a 3 month span because they were dying due to excessive “petting.”  Enduring several Walmart meltdowns in the toy aisles when she couldn’t have what she wanted and her screaming ‘KIDNAPPER!!!” as I tried to drag her out of the store!  Having to put a lock on the refrigerator door due to her raiding it in the middle of the night and painting the whole house and herself with all of the contents.

Her first little school dance in sixth grade where she could dress all up and had her hair done and just looked like a little angel.  Now she is turning 16.  She is beautiful…both inside and outside.  She has a truly beautiful heart.  She is funny.  She is strong and resilient.  She has to endure some extra obstacles, but she goes through life with a light heartedness that you can’t help but admire.

Happy Sweet 16 to my little baby.  I’m so proud to have you as my daughter!  If I could’ve gone shopping to pick one, it would’ve been you.  I have been very blessed in atleast 2 occassions of my life and those were getting two of the best children ever created!


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