One of those days…

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know, where nothing or very little goes right?  But it’s just all dumb little things going wrong?  I had one of em today.  First of all, couldn’t sleep at all last night due to pain…so tried to sleep in today…yea right, our dogs had the barks all day, people were outside being loud…so very little shut eye was had.

All day long, I have been dropping things.  I mean almost everything I have picked up, has fallen out of my darn hand!  It was making me soooo angry!  Irrationally angry!  Went to the grocery, and dropped stuff…got stuck behind the aisle crowders.  Got in so much pain, thought I’d never make it outta the store.  Card wouldn’t work at the check out….their machine was messed up, worked on the fourth try.  Bought a bottle of wine, check out girl wasn’t old enough, had to wait forever for someone to scan it.  Get my purchases loaded into car, cart rack was like a quarter mile away!  Had to make that decision…hmmm, be a bad person and leave cart here…or be good and walk it to the rack…even though I can barely take another step….Yea, I walked it to the rack.

Went to get a haircut…got a really bad one.  She butched me.  Did I complain? No, who gives a crap.  So short now, it won’t matter what I do to it.  Come home, the house is a mess…I am exhausted…but I dusted a bit.  Took a shower…put out fresh bar of soap, since evidently it never occurs to anyone else to do so…put fresh razors out, refilled toilet paper…again, cuz no one else does.  Started a load of laundry.  Dried dishes.  Laid down…thought about Jessies party tomorrow…do I have all the food and decorations and gifts ready to go?  I think so…I still need to wrap the gifts though…maybe tomorrow before the party…too tired tonight.

Put lotion on and discovered it smells bad.  Broke a nail.  Fish tank filter won’t work.  My bra wire poked out of my bra and was stabbing me all day while shopping…forgot to add that in.  Ate a piece of pizza…now my gut is feeling totally barfy.  Pain is on hyper overdrive.  Eyeliner tip broke off and stuck to the front of my shirt, I didn’t know it and smeared it allover it.  Lucy got in my closet and chewed up the birthday table cloth for tomorrows party. 

Eh…it’s one of those days.  I am gonna lay down and hope I don’t drop my tea on me while in bed.  Look for something to watch on tv.  Have a Dove chocolate.  Hope tomorrow is a better day.


Life is too short to be anyone but yourself.


3 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Sounds like a great day for some Calgone to take you away! Bad days make you appreciate the “OK” days a little more 🙂

  2. Hey Tammy! I finally got a chance to get out of my box and read some other folks’ blogs and when you go back to your blog on a good day, you’ll be able to get a little chuckle out of this day… that was a whole lotta bad going on there! One of those “can I just go to sleep so I can wake up and start all over” days. I have those too! We all have those, but at least you ended up with chocolate! 🙂

    I hate when the pain is so bad you have to negotiate with yourself to be a good vs bad person… “do I pick the garment up off the floor or look like a dumbass for leaving it on the floor when I didn’t drop it on the floor in the first damn place?” or how about this one… “do I tell the man I don’t want to buy anything after I just tried on 25 pairs of shoes, but now I’m too tired to make a decision!”… the list goes on and on…

    I feel your pain! We live it all the time. We gotta stand together and stay strong… fibromites unite! 🙂

    Tomorrow WILL be a better day!

  3. next time, give yourself a break, leave the carriage politely nearby, instead of one chocolate have 3 or however many you want. we are all here for one another. i hope tomorrow you will wake up to sunshine and a pain-free or less, day. Laurie

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