Sucker Punched!

Just when you think you got a grip on all of lifes struggles….mine mostly pain related….you get sucker punched with something else.  I have an awful kidney infection, that could be potentially serious…am on yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics.  My kidneys hurt so bad I can barely walk today.  There is a possiblility there could be a stone involved as well.  All I know is I HURT.  Pain is of course VERY familiar to me…it seems that there isn’t much on my body that does not have some level of pain in it lately.  I am waiting for a call from a urologist, gotta go have a bunch of stupid tests done.  Hmm….what does that mean?  MORE MEDICAL BILLS that I cannot afford!!!  My GOD does it ever end?  I’ve had a continuous UTI since last Summer…been on so many antibiotics I can’t remember em all.  I shoulda went and been tested long ago I guess…let it go too long.  Trying to stop racking up bills.  Kept working right on through all the pain…when I knew I needed to see a specialist.  Such is my life.

It’s just unreal!  Screw it.  I give.  I am gonna go put the heatpad on my back and take a plethora of pills and give up on this stupid day.


One thought on “Sucker Punched!

  1. Tammy……you are right, this is unreal!!! Too, too much. I am so sorry.

    For now……deep breaths. Not so deep that they hurt, but as deep and steady as you can. Calm your mind. Nothing you can do except get the tests scheduled then wait for the appointments and go. Until then, deep breaths, take your meds, use whatever you can (heat pad, etc) to make it feel better. Tell your family you are OUT of COMMISSION for now. They are going to have to take care of you, as much as you & they don’t like it, that’s the fact. You must halt all unnecessary activity until you are better. Regarding your job, you will have to decide if you can continue or have to give it up. Regarding medical bills… will just have to set up a payment plan and make small payments. Everybody does it, I do it, sometimes that’s the only way.

    Focus on calming yourself and easing the pain. Whatever helps you, do it. Can you soak in a tub of warm/hot water (kidneys)? Drink some hot herbal tea. Ask one of your kids, or Jim, to rub your back or your feet.

    Beyond that, I don’t know what to say. There really is nothing to say. This really sucks, and I am so sorry this is happening. I am here, and I am thinking of you and holding you in my heart. Love you sweet girl. xoxo

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