Misunderstanding emails:

Have you ever had an issue with someone misunderstanding the content of an email you sent?  I have.  It is hard to see, hear, or feel the emotion intended in someones emails sometimes.  Although we all understand that all caps or lots of exclamation points means you are either mad or very excited or want to somehow make that point very clear.  But sometimes people get the wrong idea or the wrong message in an email.  And it can cause problems.

I am one of those people that when and if I think someone is misunderstanding my emails, I will try to break it down into very simple and FACTUAL terms.  I will state the facts very strait forwardly.  I don’t use all caps, as if I am angry or anything…but just reiterate the message behind the email.  For example, let’s say you sent me an email stating: “I am confused about the date you are having your party, I am sure you said the 22nd, but now you are saying the 23rd?”  I may then send a message such as this:  “Nope, it’s the 22nd just like I told ya.” Then you send me another that says “I seem to really remember you saying it was the 23rd, now I am very confused by this!” I may then email you this “Well, on April 15th I gave you the invitation that stated the party would be on the 22nd at 6pm, and you rsvp’d me back stating you would be able to attend.  I still have your rsvp if you would like to see it.”  Then I may get an email back such as this “Well!  If you are going to be that way about it, I won’t come to your stupid party!  You are obviously being snotty to me in your emails and I dislike your tone!  So screw you and your birthday!”  And I would then sit there and go “WTF?” 

So, it does teach one a lesson.  Sometimes people will “read” things into emails that are not there.  They confuse someone writing down basic informational facts as them somehow being rude to them in some way.  I can understand how it may happen in some situations…when you are talking in person, you can see the other persons expressions, hear the inflect or tone in their voice…where as in the written form you get none of that, it seems flat I guess.  I for one never assume anyone is being rude to me unless it is very evident or its all caps yelling type of message…ya know what I mean?
I like to corrospond by email.  It is convenient and I can type the message when I feel like it and the recipient can read it when they are able to.  I work, and at work I cannot have my phone with me.  Or sometimes I am just unable to talk on the phone, therefore I do use emails to communicate quite often and I have never, until recently, had anyone ever get confused as to my meaning in the messages.

Will I change how often I use emails?  No.  Why?  Because most people understand the emails and their meaning … I will however from now on, when I am messaging someone who seems to be getting the wrong idea through the messages, just stop messaging until I can speak to them over the phone or in person.  So, live and learn I always say.  I have learned that people communicate in different ways, and have different ideas or ways on interpreting others.

I love emails and texting!  I think they are a fabulous way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones!  But, word to the wise, be careful that the other person is completely understanding the “tone” of your message!  Because SOMETIMES some people will read things into your message that was never there, and blow it so far out of proportion it is forever lost in “communication confusion land” and cannot be understood by either party!

Have a glorious day everyone!  It’s like summer!  My pain levels are not too horrible today…thank You Jesus!  Gonna color easter eggs with Jeremy, Sarah, Vinny, Spencer, Jessica and her friend soon!  And have pizza!  What more could you ask for?  😉

Hugs and love to all my friends and family!  xoxoxoxo

“Find five things you are truly grateful to have today, and thank God for them!”


3 thoughts on “Misunderstanding emails:

  1. Yeah, it’s hard for emails to show expression/sarcasm. I’m betting a lot of friendships have been lost over emails that were misunderstood!

  2. Like any kind of communication; emails are open to interpretation! Does the same happen with texting, I wonder?
    SpicyT: I should have asked you earlier — do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog? I think you write evocative, provocative, and very personal and interesting blogs which include entries on dealing with chronic pain. Just let me know what you think,

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