As the mother of a teen girl…I have unfortunately had to watch over the last few years how girls today treat each other.  Now of course since time began, I’m sure there has always been a certain “rivalry” between girls/women…but it seems to me that it is getting worse and worse over the last decade or so.

I can remember being a teen and looking at the other girls in my class and wishing I looked like that one or dressed like that one or had that one’s boyfriend or whatever…there is always someone who looks better than you or has better than you…that’s life.  And yes, there was always the gossip type stuff going on…”I heard Sasha was kissing Joey behind the bleachers!”

But now it’s taken on a life of it’s own.  Girls are crazy ass vicious with each other.  They are mean and vindictive.  They spread the most vile and malicious lies about each other.  They get physical with each other, they vandalize peoples property.  It is out of control.  The media is partly to blame, in my opinion…everything is sex, nudity and shows like Bad Girls Club, Jersey Shore and all the other smut crap that’s out there…these young girls are growing up thinking it’s cool to say you’re “bi sexual” or “gay/lesbian” they think it’s cool to cut other girls down or to spread lies about each other.  They travel in “packs” and go after the “weaker prey”…for what?  All to make themselves feel superior in some way? 

What this shows is that girls are lacking in self esteem and self respect.  They have lost the innocence they had right before they hit the age of 11…when they all played together and hugged each other and were all just the best of friends.  Suddenly puberty hits and they all lose their minds!  Someone gets boobs before the other and suddenly that girl is a slut!  Someone gets a cuter outfit than the other and suddenly she is a whore!  Someone spends too much time with one girl and then she is a lesbo!

Growing up in todays society as a woman is hard enough with all the crap in the media making women feel inferior to all the air-brushed models and surgically enhanced celebrities….women should be sticking together.  Supporting each other.  These girls will find out one day that their close women friends that they have will be their biggest allies in getting through life.  Friendships should be cultivated and cherished.  And they need to learn that it’s okay to have more than ONE best friend…have as many best friends as you can get!!!  We need different friends for different reasons…maybe one friend loves to shop, while another doesn’t, one friend loves to play hero guitar, another doesn’t…etc.

That movie with Lindsey Lohan…Mean Girls…was right on…in fact, it’s WORSE than that for these girls in high school.  Have you seen the news reports about these “girl fights?”  These poorly brought up girls all gang up on one and just beat the shit out of her…It is repulsive!  In one report the mother of one of the girls was right there cheering on her daughter in the fight!  My God!  What is the world coming to?

Like I said, there will always be someone who has better clothes, a better body, better skin/hair, a cuter boyfriend…whatever…get the hell over it!  Learn to love your own individual style.  You do not have to HATE another woman because you envy her!  We all have our insecurities.  Even the most beautiful woman in the world thinks her thighs are too fat!  So let’s teach our girls to love each other!  To protect each other.  To support each other.  To lean on each other.  To relate to each other, confide in each other.  Let’s stop all the backstabbing, the gossiping, the lieing, the side taking, the butchering of girls feelings.

It’s like some of these girls just have no compassion whatsoever.  They are not happy unless they are on the attack of another girl.  Do they not have any empathy for other girls feelings?  Don’t they think of how it would feel for it to be happening to them?  It is just really upsetting to me to see how girls are treating each other now-a-days.  It’s always been a competition, but it wasn’t as nasty as it is now…and the parents would’ve never put up with it or been involved, cheering it on like now.  It’s sick. 

It’s hard enough growing up in todays world.  Why rip each other apart?  Why not help each other through the maze of your high-school years?  You’re all going through the same things…the same feelings…the same insecurities…the same dreams….support each other…stop hurting each other.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”…Kahil Gibran.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog…sorry I haven’t been good about posting lately…just haven’t been very motivated.  I’m gonna try to get back into the groove!

2 thoughts on “Girls….

  1. When I was in High School, I noiced that girls had it harder than guys. We guys never had to really worry about what we did, how we looked, or all the other things girls punish themselves over. I felt sorry for the girls who just weren’t “good enough” for the “cool girls”. Now that I’m older, I guess I still see it, it’s just to a lesser extent because most people have grown up. I wouldn’t ever want to be a teenage girl! I reckon I’ll never get that chance…lol…

  2. Agreed! Thanks for putting this post out there…I have a 13 year old daughter and the things I’ve witnessed have been truly horrifying at times. By the way, check out, it’s an amazing site dedicated to changing girls and women’s attitudes on their bodies and self image and instead embracing realistic goals and loving themself by putting up inspiring post it notes for others to find in public places. Please visit it, it’s a truly amazing cause!

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