Favorites, Phobes and Not So Favorites!

Decided to take a suggestion from my writer friend TJ…and do a blog on my faves/phobes/Non-Faves!  So awaaaaaaay we go!


     1)  Movies:

     It’s a Wonderful Life!  I adore this movie!  I watch it atleast twice a year.  It makes me feel happy and makes me feel like life is worth living!!!  I love how everyone help George out when they know he is in trouble.  Jimmy Stewart…Need I say more?

     Grease!  This is such an awesome movie!  I cannot even count how many times I have watched it…I literally stopped counting sometime after 235!  It’s just a cool upbeat movie, and the songs are so awesome!  I love the 50’s and 60’s era.  John Travolta…need I say more?

     Arsenic and Old Lace!  A classic!  Such an amazing movie!  It just cracks me up everytime I see it!  Cary Grant…need I say more?

     Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!  Oh I love Bette Davis!  I love all her movies!  The acting in this one is just pristine!

     Taking Care of Baby!  Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant!  Loved their chemistry in this one and the Philedelphia Story!

     Steel Magnolias!  What woman doesn’t love the scene where Sally Field is crying at her daughters funeral…and goes bizerk!?  I sobbed then laughed like a lunatic…like they say laughter through tears is a wonderful emotion!

     There are so many favorite movies…we could be here all day if I listed them all….suffice to say I love Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Bette Davis, Kate Hepburn, John Travolta, Sally Field, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks and so many others!

     2)  Music:

     I love….the Beatles, the Beachboys, Johhny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Lynard Skynard, Tesla, Elvis, Rick Springfield, Melissa Etheridge, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Ozzy Osborne, The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, Gretchen Wilson, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and lots and lots of others! 

     3)  Favorite Color:  Pink.  But I also love Black and White together…I wear alot of black/white.

     4)  Favorite Song:  If I can dream…sung by Elvis.

     5)  Favorite animal:  Dogs of course!  But I also love MONKEYS!  The cute little ones…not giant apes… 😉

     6)  Favorite book:  Oh I LOVE books!  I have so so so many!  I have many favorites, from mysteries, to romance to thriller, true crime and also spiritual and self help!  I can’t pick just one fave, but I love Eckert Tolle and Chopra…also, To Kill A Mockingbird.

     7)  Favorite Memories:  Each time I gave birth to my kids…the enormous love I felt each time was amazing!  Also just holding my babies, feeding them…all their “first” in life…the bittersweet memories where you didn’t realize at the time “this will be the last time I carry them to bed” “this will be the last time they drink from a bottle or sippy cup” this will be the last time I read the a bedtime story” “this will be the last time I tie their shoe”….so many of those.  I have many wonderful memories of laughing with my kids/family.  Great memories of times spent with my MawMaw growing up.  Going to see Rick Springfield in concert with my girlfriends in 2005 and screaming like a teenager again!  Taking State Nursing Boards in Indy with my girlfriends and partying in Indy once the test was done!  (It involved me throwing a chili dog out the car window as we drove! ;))  Seeing my son graduate from the Marines (because it was proof he lived thru it…after seeing the video online of their grad class I thought he looked like a dying concentration camp prisoner!)  Hugging him for the first time after being apart like 4 months!  Being so proud of his accomplishing his dream.  Helping Jess get ready for her first middle school dance…she looked so beautiful…and I am still amazed at her beauty, both inside and out.  Lots of good memories!

     8)  Favorite tv shows:  Gilligans Island, Roseanne, Golden Girls, 48 Hours, Dateline, Friends, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond,  but the alltime fave is THE OFFICE!

     9)  Favorite candy:  Dove Chocolates!  also cream soda dum dum suckers!  good caramel!

     10)  Favorite Perfume:   Faith Hill and Happy.

     I love the beach, the ocean, the lake,  swimming/floating in water, boating, laughing, being tan, margaritas, mexican food, chinese food, babies, puppies/kittens, a perfect sunny day…not too hot or too cold. I love inspirational quotes and stories!  I love trying to help others.  I love sitting around a campfire.  I love alot of things! 


     I do not like movies that are all about violence and or nudity.  I do not like movies that are completely far fetched.  I do not like celebrities that are not really celebrities.  I do not like snobs or people who think they are royalty.  I do not like completely rude people who are working in the customer service industry.  I do not like it when people who are perfectly healthy move as if they are a dying sloth.  I hate black licorice.  I don’t like dark chocolate.  I do not like coffee if it does not have sugar in it or flavoring of some type.  I don’t like most commercials…but some are funny.  I don’t like  it when a doctor asks “How are you today?” When it’s obvious I am sick or I wouldn’t be there.  Or when you walk into Great Clips and they say “What can we do for you today?” As if you may be there to get your oil changed.  I hate it when your texts get bumped off by incoming texts.  I hate how women are made to feel as if they are failures in society if they don’t look like some airbrushed model in playboy.  I hate that a doctor can butcher you and receive no consequences for doing so.


     Pulling food off of kabob sticks.  Makes my skin crawl!  I always order a dish at Applebees where the shrimps are grilled and served on that damn wood stick!  Agh!  I have to have my husband take them off the stick…it is making me cringe just typing it! 

     Heights scare me…even just a step ladder or chair…I get dizzy and am afraid I will fall.  Ants freak me out…especially those giant ones!  Also I am terrified of flying/stinging insects like bees and wasps…I have been known to almost drown trying to get a bee off my head while swimming, and of stopping 2 lanes of traffic to get a bee out of my car!

     Vomit.  Ugh.  I have sure had to deal with my share of it, with two children and having been a nurse…but it truly makes me want to cry each and everytime I have had to deal with it. Not that anyone with sanity would LIKE vomit of course, but I completlely freak out when having to deal with it. 

Not being able to see what’s swimming under me when I am at the lake…terribly afraid of crocodiles and alligators!  Totally afraid of sharks!

     I have a constant fear that someone I love will be injured or worse.  I worry constantly about all of them.

     I have a constant fear that someone will break into my home…therefore I have OCD with checking locks/windows/doors!

     I am a bit of a germophobe…so I wash my hands and sterilize my house alot…;)

So, there you have it…a really long story about me.  It certainly doesn’t tell ALL about me…but a bit about some of my likes and dislikes and some of my weirdness thrown in as well!  I may add to this later…I am running out of time right now…so this will be the end for now!

Thank you for reading about boring ole me!

Eat a chocolate and smile!


One thought on “Favorites, Phobes and Not So Favorites!

  1. I loved it! Not only because it was riveting, but because I’m not the only one with weird phobias! Pulling the Kabob sticks out is a really weird one!!! But I can kind of see your point with it!

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