Being young and invincible

It’s official.  I’m OLD.  I’ll be forty-three this year.  Is that old?  Feels old somedays.  I obviously feel old physically, due to all my health problems.  Lately I feel old mentally too.  You know when you were young (teens to young adulthood) and you thought the old people” don’t know anything? Well I’m beginning to think I am that “old person!”

It’s all normal and part of the life-cycle I suppose.  When you’re young and healthy, you  feel invincible.  You have the world by the tail.  Nothing bad can happen to you.  You know it all.  You think the older people are behind the times, are clueless to the way things are “now,” they just “don’t get it!”  And maybe some of us can remember being that way when we were younger.  Maybe your parents, grandparents, other family members or teachers tried to tell you things.  Tried to guide your decisions, or tell you what they thought would be the best choice or decision.  Maybe you would listen and placate them by pretending to take their thoughts into consideration…while thinking to yourself “Yea right…You are totally clueless!”

Now that I am one of these “clueless” characters, I have a different view on the topic!  I think “Hey!  Wait a minute!  You SHOULD listen to me!  I have lived it…I have “been there done that!”  I had to make some of these same decisions.  I faced some of these same dilemmas.  I’ve lived longer, I’m more educated by life!  You sometimes have to swallow REAL hard when you feel a younger person is making a mistake.  When you KNOW they are heading down the wrong path.  You try to give your suggestions or advice, but you can tell they are thinking you’re a moron.

I guess this is just how the world is supposed to work.  Each generation goes through this.  As each generation goes through the “I’m young, strong, healthy and smarter than you are!” and the “I’m more mature and life educated!  I know better!” We each think we know what’s best.  I guess maybe we can all be right.  We all have something to “bring to the table” of life’s dinner.  We just need to all be open to “tasting” what the other has brought to the potluck!

Thanks for reading!

“It is the nature of grace, always to fill the spaces that have been empty” Goethe


4 thoughts on “Being young and invincible

    • Thanks TJ! For your continued support of my blog…and for telling me I am not old…hahahah….although I believe anyone under 21 would say I was….;)

  1. I like the idea/image of a cross-generational potluck supper of life experiences, observations, and attitudes! You could consider yourself “older” not “old!”
    Great blog!

    • Thank you! lol, yea…I had to pat myself on the back for the “potluck” metaphor…hahaha. Yea, I know I am not OLD OLD…just meant that’s how anyone under say 21 or so would think of anyone over 40…;) Thank you so much for reading !

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