The Little Girl…part 4

She woke up…someone was touching her…and not in a good way.  She pretended to stay asleep, but rolled over onto her stomach, hoping he would go away!  “Oh my God!  What is he doing?  WHY is he doing it?” She was so confused…she couldn’t believe this was happening to her!  He left her room…she did not go back to sleep.  She got up and locked her door…and cried quietly throughout the rest of the night.

This was something she couldn’t tell.  This was bad.  But she had to tell.  Later that day, she told her mother what happened.  They were standing at the sink doing dishes together, and the girl just blurted it out.  Her mother was obviously shocked, but yet she seemed to believe her.  This one event…changed their family forever.  The girl moved out, in with other family members…eventually her parents divorced…but remarried a few years later.  The girl went on to high-school and just went on living on auto-pilot really.  She continued to get good grades and continued to write in her diary daily…and holding tight to her faith in God.  But not so tight that she stayed completely on the straight and narrow.

She had a best friend, they did everything together, like best friends do.  They were bored alot, as alot of teens are.  They hung out at the mall alot, their parents would drop them off at 10am and not come back to get them til well into the evening.  The girls friend told her how she had been stealing from stores for almost a year, and had never gotten caught!  She was shocked at this revelation of course, but excited at the same time…she knew what her friend did was wrong…very wrong, and yet there was something about it that sounded like a fun thing to do!  New clothes, purses, and makeup…for free?! 

One day while they were together at the Mall, her friend showed her how she could steal make-up and jewelry so easily…and then her friend DARED her to take something as well.  Now the girl knew this was bad…illegal bad…but she wanted to impress her friend, show her how “cool” she was too.  So, she walked around the make-up section of one of the department stores, she was so nervous!  Her heart was pounding til she thought it would jump from her chest!  She looked around, trying to be casual…and slowly grabbed a grape lipgloss from the shelf, and slipped it into her pocket!  They headed for the door to the store, as soon as they had crossed the threshold…they heard “Girls!” and she felt a hand on her shoulder!  She turned around and there stood a police officer…her heart now felt as if it had stopped beating all together and was lodged in her throat.

They were taken into a backroom of the mall.  Their parents were called.  They were escorted through the mall out to a “paddy wagon!”  The girl was crying, but her friend was being all tough, like this was no big deal!  NO BIG DEAL?  We are going to a jail for teenagers!  My family will kill me!  The shame!  So there she was.  Straight A student.  Never done a bad thing really in her life.  Had a tortured childhood.  Felt she carried the world on her shoulders.  And here she was…riding in a paddy wagon, going to jail!

To be continued…

Thank you so much for reading!

Wherever you go…there you are.


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