The little girl

She is five years old.  It’s her birthday.  She is so excited!  Because, she knows that after turning five…is kindergarten!  She will get to go to school with the big kids!  She’s a cute, skinny little girl with long brown hair, and big brown eyes.  She keeps asking her mommy “Is it time for presents mommy?”  Her mother keeps telling her to go play…it’s not time yet.  This goes on for an hour or so, finally the mother tells the little girl…”Go kneel at the front door and hold up your five-fingers to show everyone who’s outside how old you are.”  So, although the little girl finds this rather odd…she does it, thinking it will get her closer to GIFT TIME!

As she is kneeling there at the door with her hand held up, fingers splayed wide for all to see (although she can’t help but notice, there really isn’t anyone out in the streets to see), she hears loud yelling coming from the kitchen…then some banging…more yelling…and then a loud crash!  The little girl gets up and goes toward the kitchen, just as she enters thru the doorway, she sees her mother on the floor and her father slamming out the back door.  The mother is crying.  The little girl asks “What happened mommy?”  The mother says through her tears “Nothing, just go play in your room!”  “But mommy!  What about my birthday?”  “Just do as I say!”.

The little girl goes to her room, head bowed, tears beginning to sting her eyes.  She lays on her bed crying.  Hugging her teddy-bear tight to her chest, she begins to pray for the fighting to stop…for the screaming and yelling to end…for the chaos to disappear.  She promises to be good, to not ask questions, to not get in the way…She wants her life to be like she sees on tv!  Like The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family!  No one is being yelled at or hit on those shows.  Cindy Brady is always dressed in such cute dresses and her hair is so cute!  Mr. and Mrs. Brady aren’t yelling at each other or shoving each other into walls!  She continues this prayer…

She prays and prays and prays. 

To be continued….


2 thoughts on “The little girl

  1. Sounds like the day in the life of the Brown family from way back in the day. Looks like all of us have gone through some crap to get where we are now. I can’t wait for the rest of the story!

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