Valentines and Love

In honor of Valentines Day, this blog will be about my husband Jim.  Although I do not tell him as often as I should, I am very lucky to have him for a husband.  He has stood by me and taken care of me for sooo many years, many of which were very, very challenging to say the least!

Now, when we met, I do not believe this poor man knew what lay in store for him, should he “catch” this younger and at the time…quite cute wife!  Our “meeting” was MY doing actually…see, on this particular evening, I went out with my parents and uncles, for a “hot night on the town” at a local American Legion!  Yes, I was in my twenties…going out with my family…to an American Legion…on a Saturday night!  Whew, what a wild thing I was eh?  lol

As I sat with my family at a table, watching a live band…I saw this tall good looking guy walking across the floor…wearing cowboy boots!  Now, I gotta say, there is something kinda sexy about a man in cowboy boots and jeans to me!  So, now that I had him in my “sights” I kept my eye on him for awhile, he was sitting at a table with a few other people, but didn’t appear to have a female companion…

I kept “eyeballing” him…but he wouldn’t come over and ask me to dance!  I was getting impatient, so I got up and approached his table and asked “Do you like to slow dance?” to which he answered “Yes” to which I replied “Then the next time one comes up, come and get me!” and I walked away…pretty cocky huh? 

So, as he was instructed, when the next slow song started…he came and asked me to dance!  As we danced he said he had noticed me when we walked in, but was afraid to ask me to dance because he thought one of my uncles may have been my date…so I could stop thinking I was some kind of ugly freak he wasn’t interested in then!

So, that is how are relationship began!  He thought he was gettin a young hottie!  Little did he know he was gonna end up having to be MY nurse for many years!  I take my hat off to him for all he has had to do for me.  During my most ill times, he has literally had my intestine IN HIS HANDS!  He had to learn to change my ostomy bags, how to change caps on lines that went into my chest, to do tube feeding, to shower and clean me, to administer my medications, check my blood sugars…he did all this while working 40 or more hours a week, keeping the house running with our 2 kids and pets (with alot of help from my grandparents/parents).

All of that was very stressful on him and the rest of my family.  Jim is a very caring and affectionate man.  I tease him by saying he is more like the stereotypical female and me the male…because I am not a lovey dovey, touchy feely type of person (except with my kids)…and he is.  He takes my sarcasm and my jokes very well!  He knows my humor, although he doesn’t always appreciate it!  😉

I have told him on many occassions how much I have appreciated all he has had to do and still has to do for me…but it will never really convey how much it has meant to me.  This is a man who on top of all he has had to endure with my health issues, still will cook, clean, grocery shop and take care of me on my bad days…and rarely complains.  Not many men out there would have been able or would have wanted to do all he has.

So, Honey…HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I am lucky to have liked your cowboy boots so many years ago!  xoxoxox

“Love means never having to say your sorry”

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