Customer Service

I go to several different doctors and or health establishments on a regular basis due to my chronic health problems.  There is one where everytime I go I feel like the people that work there must really hate their jobs.  They don’t smile, they don’t make small talk, they don’t look you in the eye…they basically do not recognize you as a person.  All you are is a chart or some report on a computer screen.

Normally I don’t care.  I just want to get my health needs met while I am there and be done with it.  Sometimes though it ticks me off.  We are people….not charts, not cases, not reports, not diseases. 

I realize the health profession is overworked, understaffed and for the most part underpaid…but seriously…if you don’t like people…why on earth do you go into a profession where you will constantly be dealing with PEOPLE?

Sometimes they make you feel like you are bothersome.  Like you are really just screwing up their day by being there.  Makes me feel like I should apologize for being a person with an illness.

Thank goodness all customer service oriented people do not behave this way…and of course this isn’t limited to health professions…not by a long shot!  But it just seems like if you are going to take a job where you supposedly care about taking care of other people…you should perhaps treat them with some kindness.

On the other hand…I have had service from people who go out of their way to be very sweet and kind…at Walgreens for example there is a young lady who works behind the pharmacy counter that is so nice and treats people like she genuinely enjoys talking to them and waiting on them!  I told her so one day, and told her manager as well.  I was so shocked at how awesome she took care of me…isn’t that awful?  That someone being extremely nice to me was SHOCKING?  I guess we get used to being ignored or treated badly or indifferently that when someone is actually pleasant we don’t know what to think! 

Today is one of my “bad” days.  My pain levels are very high…I did too much and have my neuromas and adhesions screaming in pain. The tendinitis in my left elbow is hurting so much I literally cannot lift a coffee mug. The meds only dull it a bit…and make me nauseaus to boot.  Then to sugarcoat my day, my internet is acting up…no idea why, but I keep having to reset my modem/adapter things. 

I did have SOME good luck today…went to Goodwill and found a very cute sweater and black pointy toed flats!  And got a great parking spot too!  I felt like I hit the lottery!  So, now I am gonna put the BenGay on my elbow and heating pad on the belly and lay down and read.

Thanks for reading! 

Love does not want nor fear anything…Tolle


2 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. Hi. Yes, there are some healthcare establishments and practitioners that do treat people as a number. This practice needs to stop because it helps add to adverse events. When practitioners begin viewing their patients as living, breathing humans and not just a chart number with symptoms they begin to think “would I want this to happen to my mother, sister, grandmother, friend?” It becomes personable and accountability factors into medicine. As a chronically ill patient myself, this lack of respect and empathy from some in the healthcare field is what is driving me in my graduate work in Patient Safety. Thanks for writing about your day, as awful as it was.

  2. I know what it’s like to work in customer service, and I know how sucky it can be. But I never showed my customers how much I really hated them! LOL. I always treated them with respect, and loyalty. Some days were good, and most were bad, but I always did my best to help them out, because that’s what I was paid to do:) Now a days, people in customer service don’t care it seems.

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