Bus driving

Weird topic for me…huh?  Well, I have been hearing stories about some school bus drivers lately…and since they are just that..”stories” I will not name names or give any indication as to who I have heard them from.

So, a person chooses to become a school bus driver.  I can see why…pretty decent money for driving a bus a few hours a day.  But, it has it’s drawbacks…right?  I mean you are going to be driving a BUS FULL of kids.  Kids can be loud and obnoxious.  Kids like to laugh and have fun.  Kids like to yell and play tricks and just be silly.  Therefore, it would stand to reason that you better be able to tolerate kids, noise and sillyness.

I have heard of bus drivers slamming on their brakes hard, just to knock a kid off their balance.  I have heard of them cussing and screaming at kids for being loud.  I have heard of them talking badly about certain kids to other kids and their parents…yes, badmouthing children to other children and other adults.  Wow, that one really threw me.  Shouldn’t a bus driver be a responsible and mature adult?  Some of these behaviours sound very immature to me…and even unsafe.

Yes, they have to keep control of their buses.  But I rode a bus for many years and none of my bus drivers cussed at us or insulted us in any way…nor did they drive like maniacs.  Now, I know it’s a privelege to have bus transportation to and from school…but our tax money pays for this service I think, but at any rate…it’s a privelege to have access to good medical care as well, and you wouldn’t tolerate being yelled at, cussed at and insulted.

If you do not like the “bad parts” about being a bus driver, then please for the childrens sake…quit and go find some other job where you do not have to deal with the nonsense that comes with being around a bus load of kids!

Seriously…have some maturity and be a role model…or atleast just do your job correctly.

Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often!


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