Todays blog will be about gratitude (but you probably gathered that from the title).  In these times of financial disaster, jobloss, home loss, wars, politics and just life…it helps immensly to just take a moment each day to consciously think about or even write down the things you are grateful for.

I am so very grateful first of all for my children.  My Jeremy is a wonderful son.  His first lifes goal was to become a Marine, and he did that.  He will be 22 next week, and already has purchased his own car and a house!  He works hard everyday, and is a responsible and loving young man.  I am very proud of him!  My Jessica is 15.  She is beautiful, funny, loving, protective, giggly,boy crazy and very talented with hair and makeup!  Her dream is to move to California one day to be a makeup/hair artist…and with her tenacity I am sure she will achieve her goal!  I am also very proud of her!  I love them both so much, words cannot explain.

I am grateful for my husband because he is a good man.  When I was going through all my initial health crisis, he stood by me and had to become my nurse.  He actually had to learn to change my ostomy bags, that poor man actually had to touch my intestine!  Not alot of men could have handled that job!  He never complained or made me feel like a burden.  I will always be in awe of that. 

I am grateful for my girlfriends because they are there for me when I have to vent or whine.  Although I am sure they get sick of that at times, they never say so!   Of course after a drink or two, I guess anyone will listen to someone whine for a bit!  But really, I do value my friendships, the online ones and the real life ones!  Thank you friends for being there for me!

I am grateful to have a roof over my head.  It’s a house we are renting from my father in law.  For a very reasonable price.  After having to sell our home last Summer due to financial problems, we were afraid we would have no where to live!  I’m grateful for the food we have to eat, the fact that my husband found a great job after being laid off for six months!  I am grateful for my computer, as I have said before…it’s my lifeline somedays.  I am grateful Jeremy has a sweet girlfriend who has two of the cutest boys on the planet!  They are here with me now, waiting patiently for me to finish this so we can play a game!  We are all three in my bed, they are eating dry Cheerios and watching cartoons…and jumping on the bed…makes concentrating a challenge to be sure!

I am grateful for the moments when you see something beautiful in nature and actually take in the moment…and appreciate it’s beauty.  Like a hawk flying in the sky.  A beautiful sunset/sunrise.  Deer grazing in a meadow.  Wildflowers growing on a hillside.  The fog hanging over the lake early in the morning.  The serenity of being in the woods, surrounded by trees.  The tranquility of floating in the water on the lake, on your back,  ears under water…looking up at the sky…I love that. 

There are so many things I am grateful for.  But you all get the idea now, and I am sure you don’t want to spend the whole day reading this…so I shall get to my ending.

Sometimes we get caught up in our lives, our struggles.  We forget to take a moment to think about the things that are going right.  Things can always be worse.  We need to bring more positivity into our lives.  There is scientific evidence that when the brain feels like it’s under constant attack, it will cause disease processes in the body.  So, each day, lets try to think of the good things, the beautiful things.  Let’s try to look at others and realize we are all in this together.  We are all struggling with issues.  We all have days where we are not at our best.  Just smiling at a stranger may make their day just a tiny bit better…so let’s try that!

Thanks for reading!  I honestly appreciate anyone who reads my writing! 

“If you are in the habit of creating suffering for yourself, then you are probably creating suffering for others too.”  TOLLE


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Your husband sounds like a really great guy! Behind every great woman, there’s usually a great guy. Sounds like through all your pain and anguish, you have a lot of great things to be thankful for. And, it sounds like you are one awesome Mom! You hvae done so many great things in your life, this Blog is just a way for all of us to find out how much of a saint you are:)

    • A saint? hahahaha….thats cute. Thanks for the continuing feedback on my blog TJ…it’s appreciated. The last time I tried blogging, no one really read it or commented, that’s probably why I let it go…but this time, like I said, even if no one reads it…I am enjoying it! But it does feel good to get validated for writing! 😉

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